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Portable Projector Manufacturers

3M Fuchitek Corporation PLUS
AAXA Technologies FuchiView Portronics
Acco Europe Fujitsu Prijector
Acer Funmart Princeton
Adapt Geanee Projectavision
Adayo General Imaging projectiondesign
Adtec Geniesys Technologies ProLux
AgfaPhoto Gobiz Proxima
Aiptek Guangzhou Darling Public Soft
Allcam Hasbro QP Optoelectronics
Androview Hitachi Ray Display
APIN Honlai Technology Inc. Relaxsee
Apollo HP Ricoh
Artec i-Connect RoyalTek
ASK Proxima IBM Rundex
Asus iGo RXS: RedShift
Atlantis InFocus Sagem
AU KDDI Innoio Samsung
Barco Ion Audio Sanko
BeamBox iPowerUp Sanwa
Bella Vision IQI Sanyo
BenQ Jakks Pacific Inc Sapphire Technologies
Benzitech Join Technology Sarif
Bonitor Kairen Sayett
Boxlight Keynote Photonics Sceptre
Brookstone Kinyo Scitec
BroVista International Knoll Systems SCT Optronics
BUG Labs KP Senario
Butterfly Kumazaki-Aim Sharp
Canon Lancer Corporation Sharper Image
Casio Lenovo SIM2 Multimedia
Castrade LG Electronics SiVal Instruments
Century Liesegang SK Telecom
Chinavasion Light Blue Optics SolidMicro
Christie LogiPlayer Sony
Compact Impact Lumens Sparkz
Compaq Lumex Suniview
ConnectTRx Luxcine Sunlink International
Cool Sources Maxon SVP
Coolux Megapower Syba
CTX Technology Merlin Digital Technologies and Systems Research
DBest Micron Telstar
Dell Microtek Toshiba
Delta Microvision Inc TouchJet
Digislide Mint Wireless Tursion
Digital Projection Mitsubishi UltraProjector Inc.
Dukane Mondevue Velocity Micro
Earth Trek NEC ViewSonic
ebon Technology Neckers Visbox
EIKI Nextar Vivitar
ELMO Nikko Home Electronics Vivitek
EPICT Oculon WE3 Technology
Epoq Multimedia OEM WeSii
Epson Onkyo WOWee ONE
ESPlus Optoma WowWee
Ever Win International Corp. otherland Xerox
Exstream Vision Panasonic Yinlips
Favi Entertainment Personal Projector Yokogawa
Forever Plus Philips ZTE
Foxconn PhoneSuit Zync
FPS Planar  

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