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JVC DLA-X55R Projector Review

One of the top projectors to come from JVC lately is the DLA-X55R. This device features 1200 ANSI lumens, a 50000:1 contrast ratio, and HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. Today, the writers from HDTV Test got the chance to review this model. The writers’ first note that the device is a little bigger than previous models, but it is still able to be hidden easily in a home theater setup. The on screen menu was said to be very clear and easy to use. Everything was logically laid out and could be found fairly easily. The projector has several preset modes for users to select. The writers say that the Film mode is the most accurate but still seems to have a reddish picture. Fortunately though, the projector does have some tweaking features and the writers were able to suitably tune the device. The final conclusion the writers made about the DLA-X55 was, “The JVC X55 is a worthy step-up from the entry-level DLA-X35 series. At £5000, it’s significantly more expensive than its £3000 sibling and is of course further out of “easy purchasing” territory, but the extra cash buys very visible performance improvements, especially in the critical area of contrast performance, which is the ace up JVC’s sleeve.”

[via HDTV Test]

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