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Wolf Cinema Unveils Graywolf and Graywolf 4K Projectors

Wolf Cinema is known for creating impressive home theater projectors. Today, the company announced that two more will be releasing soon, the Graywolf (SDC-8), and Graywolf 4K (SDC-12). Both projectors have been fitted with the latest 3D display technology. The main difference though is that the Graywolf comes with a native 1080p HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, while the Graywolf 4K has the new UHD (3860 x 2160) resolution. Both models will use three-chip, D-ILA display technology, which is an advanced version of the LCoS technology from JVC. It is capable of displaying film-like images from any source. The specifications are limited at the moment, but the company said that each projector will be hand calibrated for optimal viewing. The connection panels will include dual HDMI ports, a component, and LAN inputs. The Graywolf 4K will also include an RGB connection for home theater PCs. These projectors are expected to release later this month. The Graywolf and Graywolf 4K are expected to retail for $8000 and $12000, respectively.

[via Ecoustics]

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