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Microsoft MirageTable Unveiled

Microsoft has unveiled a new project that they are working on that will allow two people to control the same workspace without being in the same location. The project is called MirageTable and it creates an interactive 3D workspace. It consists of a curved screen, a digital camera, 3D projector, and a pair of 3D glasses. For the demonstration, Microsoft chose to go with the Acer H5360 projector, which features 2500 ANSI lumens, 3200:1 contrast ratio, and HD (1280 x 720) resolution. The projector displays the image of the other user as well as the project you are both working on. The designers think that this project would be ideal for games between players. “Simulating realistic grasping behaviours given depth camera input remains an open research problem,” said the Microsoft research team. “While we are still very far from an implementation of a working version of Star Trek’s Holodeck, MirageTable shows the potential of the projector/depth camera system to simulate such scenarios.”

[via BBC News]

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