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MSI Unveils Tablet Projector

One of the big fads this year at CES were new tablets. These devices are about the size of a clip board and provide internet, and several other features to users, just like how a smart phone would only bigger. Today, the developers at MSI have unveiled a new prototype that integrates a pico projector into the tablet. The projector is mounted on the top of the device and has a swivel base. This allows the projector to display directly in front of the user, on the wall, ceiling, or directly in front of a second person. The company also states that the projector will be able to display keyboards that the user can use to type instead of using one hand or only their thumbs to type on the screen. The device is still in the prototype phase and even runs using Windows 7. There is no word on if this device will be developed further.

[via T Break Technology]

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