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Ibon Mainar Takes Projection Art to New Places

Projection art is more commonly found on the walls of important buildings. But recently an artist named Ibon Mainar has taken the art form to the great outdoors. The project is called “Proyecciones en el Exterior” and what the results are haunting and beautiful at the same time. The artist went to a near by pond and used a projector system mounted on his car to project images out onto the lake. He would then photo graph the results. It is creepy how the projected images look like they are hovering above the lake with nothing supporting them. Some of the images projected include a man’s face, someone reading a book, a chandelier, and a pair of cat’s eyes that stair back at you. One of the best things about projection art is that when the artist is done, the canvass becomes what it was before and nothing is disturbed or destroyed.

[via Gizmodo]

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