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Disney Looks to Combine Interactive Displays and Cakes

There are many ideas and concepts floating around that incorporate the use of pico projectors. But leave it to Disney to find the most unique ways. Today, the company unveiled their latest patent that would turn a cake into an interactive display. According to the patent a projector and camera would be mounted above where the cake was to go. The technology would be able to detect the layout and size of the cake and display any image that the guests wish to have. Disney doesn’t stop there though; the system will also be able to tell when someone takes a slice out and have the projected display interact accordingly. For example: someone cuts into a projected lake. When the slice is removed, the water starts to flow off the side like a waterfall. The company also plans to create utensils that will trigger special effects like Tinker Bell flying over the cake or a fork turning into a magic wand that leaves a trail of sparkles. Another idea was to have the system recognize the difference between utensils and trigger specific video clips like Captain Hook having a sword fight with anyone who comes to the cake with a knife.

[via Stitch Kingdom]

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