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3M MPro150 Projector Review

The 3M MPro150 projector is probably the most popular pico projectors right now. This device can display 15 ANSI lumens, a VGA (640 x 480) resolution, and LCoS display technology. Today the writers Business Computing World released their review of this projector. The first thing they mention is that this projector is designed for business applications like presentations. The projector helps those who need to travel a lot because of its small size and light weight design. The writers were also happy that the MPro150 comes with its own internal memory as well as a MicroSD card slot. The device is easy to control and displays a decent quality picture. The writers did notice a few problems though. First was the limited screen size. While 3M states it can create a 50” display, the writers found that after 20” the screen starts to loose quality. Also the lack of brightness was a problem because any ambient light would affect the image. The final comment that they made was, “3M’s MPro15 is a cool piece of gadgetry which any tech-savvy business professional will love. It’s no bargain, but it is an easy way to manage your common business files. And because it’s cordless, there’s no need to pack a separate laptop or projector so you can travel a lot lighter. The downside is that its display size is limited to 50″, it’s not very bright, and its built-in speakers aren’t loud enough to wake those nodding off at the back of the room. Nevertheless, it probably is good enough to let you ditch your laptop.”

[via Business Computing World]

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