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The Mightly Projector Phone

Most of the companies who have designed projector cell phones find some way to include the projector into the chassis of the phone. This new product called “The Mighty” brakes that mold with its LED pico projector attachment. The phone portion features a 3” touchscreen and can connect to any GSM network. The projector screws onto the back of the phone and resembles the Sony PlayStation Eye Toy. Unfortunately, there is no manufacturer or projector information available at this time. Other feature that the phone has though include an included 2GB SD card, ability to connect to a TV or monitor, and can even play NES and SNES games by using a game emulator. If the projector is too bulky for your liking, it can easily be detached and mounted onto a stand. The Mighty is available in China right now for about $200.

[via Digital Player]

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