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Aiptek Unveils D25 Boombox DVD Projector

Everyone likes combination products. The latest device to appear is from Aiptek and it combines a Boombox with a DVD player and a pico projector. The D25 Boombox DVD Projector is exactly as it sounds. The device uses a DVD player where the CD player usually is. The top of the device is a swivel projector that features 20 ANSI lumens, VGA (640 x 480) resolution, and a 100:1 contrast ratio. The swivel aspect allows the projector to literally project anywhere in the room with out having to reposition the entire device. The Boombox completes its theater in a box with an included TV antenna for digital TV and an included USB port and SD card slot. Aiptek has not announced yet when the projector will be available.

[via The Gadget Network]

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