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Prismatic Cinema Unveils World’s First 3D Laser Projector


Prismatic Magic is a pioneer in laser display technology and laser-light show content development. Today, the company is proud to announce that they have designed for world’s first 3D Laser projector system. This is just in time for the laser’s 50th anniversary. The projector combines the traditional colors of a laser light show with the full-color, stereoscopic 3D technology. “We designed Laser-3D around Infitec’s 3-D format because, in comparison to other stereoscopic formats, it clearly results in the most realistic 3-D effect.” said Dr. Volpe. “It also is the most versatile.” The laser system creates two identical images that are slightly different from each other. By using special 3D glasses, the viewers are able to see the full 3D image. The company has created several laser shows that they plan to display starting at the beginning of 2010.

[via PR Newswire]

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