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LG Introduces Burst Projector Phone Concept


LG is known for their amazing audio and video equipment. Recently, the company released their concept of a projector cell phone they call the Burst. This phone looks very similar to the Apple iPhone in that the only button is for power and the rest of the phone’s surface is a touch-screen. The aspect that makes the Burst stand out is that the edges of the phone actually have pico projectors as well as motion sensors to make the images part of the touch panel. To use the phone, a user would have to place the phone on a flat surface. The projectors then extend the display both above and below the phone. Part of the display also includes a touch-sensitive keyboard for typing. Some of the added features that the Burst will have include video conferencing, features for the deaf and hearing impaired, HD quality images, and even some media editing tools. As helpful and amazing that the Burst sounds, unfortunately LG did not announce if this projector phone will make it to the prototype or the marketing stages.

[via Tuvie]

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