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Epson Releases X-Desk Interactive Table

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We have been hearing for over a year about the Microsoft Surface. Today a new interactive table was announced, the Epson X-Desk. This design uses the same principles as the surface to display onto a 52 inch display. The X-Desk uses infrared cameras to detect when the surface is being touched. The signals that the camera captures are then given to the computer that uses them to alter the displayed screen accordingly. The image is displayed using an Epson 3LCD projector; however, the actual model was not released. The X-Desk displays a XGA (1024 x 768) resolution and can recognize up to 16000 objects simultaneously using “Smart Tags” and gesture recognition technology. The table can also connect to nearby mobile devices via wireless Bluetooth connection and upload pictures, video, and audio. A feature that the Surface doesn’t have is the X-Desk’s connection panel that includes a FireWire connection and five USB ports. In addition, the table can also be used by a wireless keyboard and mouse. There is no word on pricing right now, but the X-Desk is already available to order through Epson.

[via Register Hardware]

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