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Rock Band Home Theater

Donny Hacket loves to create multipurpose home theaters. His latest creation is in Nashville where he converted the owner’s attic into a home theater that can also be a performance stage. The owner used to be in a 1980s rock band and kept his drum kit in the attic. Hacket designed to keep the drum kit there and design the entire room around it. The theater has only one row of seating, and all the seats are angled towards the screen. The Vidikron Model 80 projector displays onto a custom designed 102 inch screen. The drum kit is positioned in a corner of the room and has been fitted to allow the drummer to dim the lights by pressing the foot pedal. The drum set can also be used normally when the owner wants to practice or jam with friends. In front of the screen is custom made stage that allows guest a place for karaoke or to play music. One of the more interesting features about the theater is the automatic sliding door and James Bond picture. With only a press of the button the door slides upon on a curved track and the picture rolls up to reveal a hidden electronics rack. To complete the design, Hacket also gave the room the illusion that it has frosted glass panels on the on the walls that are the roof. In reality, these panels are custom made fabric panels that are designed to absorb sound. Click on the link below to see video of the electronic door and Bond picture in action.

[via Electronic House]

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