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Pygmy Portable Projector Concept

Chetan Sorab is a concept designer who comes up with many fun and interesting devices that have a practical use. One of his latest concept designs is the Pygmy Pocket projector. This little thing looks to be about the size of a small guinea pig, which might explain the name. Unfortunately, Sorab never released technical information about this concept other than it would be ideal for business presentations. He also mentioned that it would be bright enough for both indoor and outdoor use. The Pygmy would be able to fit into any computer bad easily and come with easy to use buttons. Sorab released his concept design sometime last year, which is good to hear because with projectors like the Optoma Pico and the Aiptek Pocket Cinema V10 projector, this design wouldn’t stand a chance in the retail market unless it did something amazing.

[via Tuvie]

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