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Panasonic Releases PT-AE3000E Projector

Panasonic has recently announced the release of the PT-AE3000E projector. This projector features 1600 ANSI lumens, full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, a 60000:1 contrast ratio, and would be perfect for any home theater system. Panasonic has loaded this model with new technologies to allow it to show the best picture possibly. One of the new features the AE3000E has is a Detail Clarity Processor that creates sharp detailed reproductions of fast moving motion images. The extra large contrast ratio is made by a newly engineered Pure Contrast Plate technology that effectively blocks unwanted light leakage. This technology paired with a newly developed fifth-generation Dynamic Iris is what allows the AE3000E to produce a 60000:1 contrast ratio. In addition to all this, the AE3000E comes with three HDMI inputs as well as two component connections, a RGB, an s-video and a composite connection. Unfortunately, The PT-AE3000E is only available in Europe and Asia, however if you want the Americas’ version, look at the PT-AE3000U.


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