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Adtec Announces AD-MP15AW and AD-MP15AB Projectors

Adtec is the newest company to announce their version of the pocket projector. Recently, Adtec has announced two new projectors, the AD-MP15AW and AD-MP15AB. Other than their chassis color, these projectors are identical. They feature 15 ANSI lumens, a 200:1 contrast ratio, and a native VGA (640 x 480) resolution with the ability to compress up to a SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. These projectors can create up to a 60 inch image from less than 8 feet away, but they need almost complete darkness in order to do so. The light source is an LED lamp that can run for up to 20000 hours. Both projectors come with an internal 0.3 watt speaker, which isn’t that powerful, as well as a composite and a RGB input. In addition, these models come with an internal battery, which is expected to run for about 40 minutes before needing charged again. The AD-MP15AW features a white chassis and is expected to be released mid-December, while the AD-MP15AB will have a black chassis and will not debut until late January. Both models are expected to retail for 39800 yen ($430), but there is no word on if these two projectors will be released outside of Japan.

[via Crunch Gear]

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