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Olens Technology Releases XPJ-USA010 Projector

Over the summer, we showed you a new projector from Olens Technology. Recently, Olens has announced the release of the XPJ-USA010 projector. This model is not that powerful, featuring VGA (640 x 480) resolution and 300 ANSI lumens. The only connections, this projector has are s-video, RCA, and a VGA connection for PCs and laptops. The company states that this projector will top its rivals, including the Senario Torpedo projector and the Hasbro ZoomBox. The Major concern about the XPJ-USA010 is that its lamp life is only 300 hours. Fortunately, Olens has announced that the lamps are both easy to replace and low in cost. The XPJ-USA010 comes with a one year warranty as well as your first replacement lamp. This projector is currently available and retails for $179.

[via CrunchGear]

2 Responses to “Olens Technology Releases XPJ-USA010 Projector”

  1. H. Harkleroad Says:

    Question: Is this XPJ-USA010 projector the same as the Olens XPJ
    advertised by other companies at #250.00?

  2. H. Harkleroad Says:

    Please answer above question.

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