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ASUS Laptop Has Built-In Projector


For ASUS, this laptop with a built-in projector is the first of its kind (that we can tell). It’s your typical laptop, we couldn’t get the specs, but on the top at the bezel it features a pico-projector. This ultra-micro projector takes whatever is on the display and projects it on the wall; this could be useful for PowerPoint presentations where not everybody is able to see your laptop screen, besides you don’t exactly want the entire boardroom huddled around your laptop; it’s just unprofessional. Another reason you might want this projector in your laptop is because you could have forgotten your portable projector at home when you almost missed your business flight. There are man reasons why ASUS would implement such a design; we just can’t wait to see if it stays. From the image, it looks like the room is bright, and the projector is close to the screen, so that means that it pushes some pretty good Lumens, and could be brought back farther for a larger image. The projector looks like it swivels on top of the LCD display, which is a great design for this laptop.

[via PC Perspective]

11 Responses to “ASUS Laptop Has Built-In Projector”

  1. Talib Al-Shehhi Says:

    how can I order or buy this laptop

  2. Mohammed Mazhar Says:

    Asus Director
    sir we saw the model for asus built in projector. we are seriously interested in purchaseing such models kindly advice the date of launch and more details like model no. etc. on my mailaddress which is (mazhar_789@hotmail.com).

    Comments : Being in business like mine i need this in build projector constantly on my every business trip.

  3. girish khatwani Says:

    we are in the feild of education sales from last 8 years if we get the opportunity of dealership to sell in india gujrat we can make good business

  4. Kathy Urbina Says:

    We are a group of educators from the Caribbean interested in this laptop with built in projector. In our discussions we always dream of such a product. When is it going to be released, and how much will it cost?

  5. prasad Says:

    what is the configration of this laptop?
    it available in Mumbai (India)plz send me the shop of mumbai
    what is the prise in indai mumbai

  6. S.K Aware Says:

    This id something miraculous for me.
    i was really looking and waiting for such product.
    Please give me details..

    Aware. S. k

  7. sam Says:

    Hey guys relax! This is not asus official site. Nobody gives a damn about your business proposals here :P Besides, you should probably look at ‘PICO’ projector which is a mini LED lit projector about size of a cigarette pack. I guess Pico projectrs are used here too…

  8. bing Says:

    where can we order this laptop with built in projector

  9. bilal bashayreh Says:

    how can i buy it

  10. bilal bashayreh Says:

    plese email me

  11. calvin Says:

    just was wonder if you would donated this to a nonprofit group that is a charity in nova scotia, just wondering

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