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Interactive Floor Uses Projection Technology


Recently, Arcstream installed an interactive floor that uses projection technology at The Science Museum. The “Living Image display” that is located in the “Science For Survival” exhibition is to be functional until November 2008. The projected image is a “pool” and uses an infra-red sensor system. Visitors can learn about safe drinking water and water shortages due to the theme. The image adjusts with interaction, for example if a visitor walks over it, the image will change. Electrosonic, assisted them in installation and uses a 6,500 Lumen projector which utilizes 1024 x 768 resolution. According to Stephen Foulger, “The interactivity of the technology was also a major factor. We were really impressed with the technology’s ability to engage people’s senses – sight, sound, and touch – which proved particularly popular with our younger visitors.” Arcstream AV offers service in audio/visual across corporate, media and advertising.

[via AV Interactive]

3 Responses to “Interactive Floor Uses Projection Technology”

  1. Abduaziz Says:


    I want to now how match the interactive floor systems cost

    The hardware and the software

  2. rosa Says:

    I saw an interactive living floor inn a shop overseas It featured fish and they moved away when i walked on them! i want to know how to buy one and what sort of technician installs it . i live in dunedin nz.thanks

  3. Joy Cheng Says:

    Beijing Xuanqun Science and Technology Co, Ltd. is the developor for what you said, interactive floor projection. The company could provide software and hardare for the system.

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