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LCD vs. DLP Projectors: Which One Should You Buy?


While both technologies are available for home theaters, both work in different ways and may produce various results. When asking questions about these technologies you may get answers that vary, and in this sense it’s always best to work from experience or get advice from the experts. With regard to LCD projectors, they have three separate LCD panels; red, green, and blue which are components of the image that is to be processed. As light passes through the LCD panels, they can be either open or closed to allow light to pass through or be filtered out, which projects the image on to the screen. In comparison to DLP, LCD projectors have three advantages: more accurate colors because or the separate LCD panels, slightly sharper image, and light-efficient. Disadvantages of LCD include pixelation, otherwise known as the screen door effect, doesn’t produce absolute black, which means less contrast than with a DLP. Pixelation is less of a problem now due to higher resolution projectors.

The DLP projector is one that projects a light onto a lamp or DLP chip made up of thousands of tiny mirrors, each of which represents a single pixel. When light is projected onto a mirror it is either in the lens path to turn it on, or away from it to turn it off. DLP Projectors are smaller projectors that have better contrast, and do not have pixelation problems like LCD projectors; however the problem with these projectors is sometimes at any given instant the image on the screen will be red, green, or blue. Technology has improved significantly to introduce the six-color wheel and faster rotational speeds which should prevent the rainbow effect from being a problem. Typically, most people do not recognize the problem because it happens so fast, however some are prone to have eye-strain or headaches from the color shifting. The new technology should prevent this from being a problem in even fewer people.

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2 Responses to “LCD vs. DLP Projectors: Which One Should You Buy?”

  1. Chris Barker Says:

    You neglect to mention 3-mirror DLP projectors, which have all the advantages that 3-LCD prjectors have, without the disadvantages. Hopefully, if DLP becomes popular enough, 3-mirror projectors will drop in price enough to become a good home theater option.

  2. Ry Says:

    I only like my rainbows in the backdrops of outdoor landscapes not on my projectors. I found this article that will help you decide which is better for you.


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