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Digital Projection’s New Three-Chip DLP 1080p Projector

Digital Projection 1080p-250 DLP Projector

For those of us who want and can afford the absolute best in home cinema, you won’t get much better than a three-chip DLP projector, and Digital Projection just delivered a new High-Definition home cinema three-chip to the market. The Titan 1080p-250 uses three 0.95″ Dark Metal Digital Micromirror Devices to create amazing 1080p images up to 16 ft. wide. The 250w HID lamp provides 2000 ANSI lumens brightness and there are multiple lenses available, most notably a 2.35:1 Theaterscope lens. The connectivity is rather standard, DVI, BNC, Component RCA, etc. But not to worry, since they also released their VIP 2000 video processor today, which has all the connectivity you’ll need including 2 HDMI ports. As for a price, Digital Projection is keeping with their “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” marketing.

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