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Custom build projector? Expertise needed

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Custom build projector? Expertise needed

Postby heywhatsup » Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:04 pm

Hi guys,
I'm part of a team working on a start-up business. We are designing a product requiring short range video projection. All of the commercially available projectors we've been able to find do not suit our needs. So before I start reaching out to projector companies I'm hitting the forums to try and get some information.

We need a projector designed to our specifications so that we can take the design to a manufacturer and have it produced on a large scale.

So is there anyone here with knowledge of projector design? Or do you have an idea as to where I should be directing my questions? Any advice will be taken into consideration. Thanks

We need it to be small in size and it will need a very short throw distance (approx 15cm - 20cm) and a screen size of approximately 60cm squared. Both of those values are however can be adjusted if necessary since we are early in design phase. Mainly we just need short throw with a big enough screen.
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