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Sim2 Domino D35

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Sim2 Domino D35

Postby miketoronto » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:17 pm

Hi all. I have a line on a used Sim2 Domino D35 . It was working 2 days ago when the seller removed it from its mount but now the lamp won't come on. The red led comes on but when the on button is depressed the green and red leds light and flash even though the unit is cold. Plus when you listen closely near the small case fan on the bottom there's a faint alarm like warbling tone which rises and falls in time with the led flashing. The fans are not turning on which I assumes prevents the lamp from turning on. Does anyone have experience with this particular problem and if so how expensive is it to get fixed. I have some electronics expertise but if the unit requires new boards I won't bother getting it as Sim2 may not even supply them any more. Thanks for any help. Mike.
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